Perfect Effects

Perfect Effects 9.5

A program designed to enhance the look of your photos

Perfect Effects is a powerful photo enhancement and modification application that includes a large variety of filters, effects, and image manipulation tools. All the contained filters, effects and tools are well-organized as presets in an easy-to-browse library. Therefore, quickly previewing the image changes in real-time can be easily done, with just one single mouse click. Furthermore, the presets can be mixed together to create unique combinations of filters and effects and edit your photos in truly original ways. Every little parameter of a filter or affect can be tweaked and adjusted to your liking. By letting you control every little detail of a photo modification, this tool helps you perform truly thorough and accurate image changes and improvements.

Anyway, Perfect Effects is not only powerful and comprehensive, but also quite easy-to-use. The live previews, the built-in image browser and gallery viewer, and the intuitive interface make this tool suitable even for complete beginners.

I like a lot the fact that it allows using brushes and gradient in order to edit and adjust only specific areas of a photo. It’s almost as powerful as sophisticated image editing tool that makes use of layers, like Adobe Photoshop and Gimp. In fact, Perfect Mask can be used as a stand-alone tool as well as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and Apple Aperture.

In conclusion, Perfect Effects is a great solution to enhance, adjust and modify images using effective filters and effects.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Intuitive interface
  • Comes with a large library of filters and effects
  • Can also be used as a plugin for Photoshop


  • Pricey
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